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Curated Naming Services

A bloom is, specifically, a flower cultivated for its beauty and at Nom de Bloom, we believe in cultivating beautiful, personalized, thoughtful names. Through in-depth conversations and research, we produce the perfect, bespoke names for our clients. 

When it comes to picking the right name for your baby, it's important to remember you're also naming an adult. It's our goal to help our clients figure out their overall vision for their child and, ultimately, find a name that helps reflect that.

With our four different packages, we're confident our curated names will leave you inspired and excited to meet your bundle of joy.

P.S. -- we also do pet names, businesses, estates, and... boats. Yes, we mean it, we'll help you name your boat.


Our seed package is our starter package. It includes an in-depth questionnaire and a cultivated list with ten names (either 5 per gender or 10 for one gender). 

Package Add-Ons Include: increased quantity of names, middle name options & further personalizations. 

Partial Bloom

Our partial bloom package includes an in-depth questionnaire and a curated list of sixteen names (first and middle) with name origins and explanations.

Package Add-Ons Include: extra names curated based on our clients' history, memories, and experiences. 

Full Bloom

Our full bloom package exists to fulfill all of your naming needs. After an in-depth 1:1 consultation we will get to work curating bespoke name lists complete with explanations, potential middle-name options (in some cases, multiple options), and personalized names based on client history. We are available to be on-call and assist in any naming crises (ex: does your mother-in-law want a certain name that you can't stand? We'll help find a solution!) that may arise.

Cultivated Bloom

A fully bespoke package personalized for your specific wants and needs... Our Cultivated Bloom includes everything in our Full Bloom package along with any other assistance our clients may need such as nursery design, creating social media accounts for your newborn, securing email addresses for your newborn, assisting with branding, or something so out of the box it would thrill us to help make it a reality for you.

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